Landscaping Blackrock

Area: Complete back garden 

Job: Landscape back garden  

Objective: The client wanted to reduce the severe slope on the garden, have a paved area and be able to walk fully around the garden.  


We were taken on by the main contractor in this project to carry out all the landscaping requirements.  

1st Agreed a design with the client and then agreed on an estimation for the works. Then agreed a start date. 

2nd We carried out the project with a paved area with steps all round for access down to garden, completed a pathway around the complete garden in the same paving. As part of the project, we supplied and levelled sub soil to reduce the slope then covered with freshly screened enriched topsoil then covered this with high grade roll out lawn turf. 

Result: Fantastic looking garden that will stand the test of time. Client was delighted with it.  

Location: Blackrock, Co.Dublin